Swing With Us NYC

Lindy Hop in Harlem & New York City

Safe Space Policy

Swing With Us NYC welcomes all attendees regardless of race, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance or religious affiliations.

We at Swing With Us Nyc are committed to providing a safe, enjoyable, trustworthy dance space for all that attend. We want all of our attendees to feel safe, welcomed and comfortable at our events. With this in mind we try to foster an atmosphere where everyone feels open to dance with any and all participants, not just those within their immediate social or communal circle. We are particularly committed to ensuring that there are no barriers based on dancing experience and that all levels of expertise is valued.

We are sensitive to the cultural understandings, history and values of the lindy hop and other jazz dance forms. We acknowledge that the lindy hop is a popularized social dance that originated in Harlem African American community during the 1920s and 1930s. We are in the understanding that during the times of the creation of this music and dance forms there were behaviors, sayings, music, songs, video clips that we today would deem racist and insensitive, therefore we will act culturally responsive in addressing them immediately to assure that our space stays a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment.

Safe behavior on the dance floor must adhered to. Always remember to be considerate of others space on the dance floor. It is polite to say excuse me, I am sorry, because dance floors are usually crowded and accident do happen. Limit your dance tricks, aerials and all other free style jumps to jam session circles and not social dance floors.

At Swing With Us NYC we pride ourselves on having the most welcoming and inclusive community. However, you are not obliged to dance with anyone you don’t want to and you do not have to offer any explanation. If at any time you wish to stop dancing with someone, feel free to stop. Don’t be offended if someone refuses a dance with you, or decides to stop dancing with you.

It is of great importance that all attendees feel respected and safe at our events. If you experience or witness any behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, threatened, please speak to one of the event organizers immediately. We can be contacted in person at the event or after the event. Our contact information is Julia Loving or Ronald Jones at swingwithusproductionsnyc@gmail.com. We will treat your concerns with the strictest of confidence. This is our way of assuring and preventing other incidents in the future. Complaints and concerns of inappropriate behavior or harassment will be followed up (either immediately, or at a later time, depending on the nature of the complaint) in consultation with the complainant. We are not trained counselors and can refer you to organizations or make sure you are aware of place you can confidentially receive assistance.

At events where alcohol is permitted, please drink in moderation. Abuse of alcohol or any other mind altering drug will not be accepted as an excuse for behaving inappropriately. You will be asked you to leave. Do not drive under the influence. We are happy to call you a cab or call someone you know to pick you up if required.

Everyone must play a role in making our dance spaces safe! Thank you for assisting us in this endeavor!